The term mobile programmatic advertising refers to the process where an advertiser buys advertisements that are automatically displayed on the phones of users when they turn their data connection on and open some specific applications. The adverts are set to just appear randomly by the advertiser depending on how much each of the company that wants to advertise their products is paying for the service. These adverts are usually in the form of short animation that starts playing immediately you start a particular application on your phone as long as the manufacturer of the application has allowed for them to be displayed. There are many advantages of programmatic advertising today.


The first advantage of the process of mobile programmatic advertising is that it is effective in reaching a wide range of users because the ads are made to display on the phone as the user opens other applications, as opposed to the traditional advertising where someone had to open the website for the company before being able to view their adverts. This is therefore of great importance because the advertiser gets to market the products by ensuring that the adverts reach the audience whenever they are without having to wait for them to come to a website to view them. This will, therefore, increase the level of demand for a product because more people might be interested.


What is programmatic advertising? The second benefit is that the advertising company automates the adverts such that only specific adverts are displayed on a user's mobile phone when they open certain applications only. From this point, it is therefore easy to display adverts to specific audiences by judging from the applications they run and thus the goods are advertised to potential buyers. For example, the advertiser can automate the ads such that when the user opens gaming applications while their data connection is on, the ads displayed are new and exciting games that can be downloaded. This is a great marketing strategy because only people who might be interested in a particular product are reached.



Lastly, the other benefit of mobile programmatic advertising is that it helps to save a lot of money that would have been otherwise used to purchase additional ads for marketing to a general audience some of whom are not even interested in the product or service being advertised. This is important because the budget for advertising is reduced and the money can be used for other different purposes that can help bring profits for the company.